What will the third one be..

..after Ru broke his collar bone on Sunday (and no-one has put a comment for Ru on th eblog yet!), Bonnie came down with laminitis yesterday and we had to get Pete out (our Vet) today.

Bonnie got much worse last night and this morning at 6am Amy found her lying down and not wanting to get up. We stood her up and moved her onto shavings and made her more comfortable and got the Equissage machine on her, but she got worse and we called out the Vet who took her shoes off and padded up her feet and gave her ACP (a very strong sedative) to get rid of the pain. I now have to get up every 90 minutes to check that she isn’t lying down and if she is get her up on her feet.

So not much sleep for me but I guess even less sleep for Bonnie. Hopefully if we watch her carefully and look after her well the pain won’t get worse and she will recover enough so that I don’t have to spend tomorrow night doing the same. Fingers crossed.

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