Summer is here..

..and so is our summer schedule. We have planned our events for the summer holidays. The schedule is drafted and will be going live tomorrow after a final check against the calendar to make sure we haven’t double booked ourselves.

Saturday was a fairly busy day although we did have a fair few cancellations. We were busy checking the horses and ponies every few hours to make sure there were no digital pulses on any of their legs to make sure we didn’t have any more cases of laminitis. So far we have none – hurrah!!

Today we mucked out the horses that were in and Mollie and I wizzed off to DABBS for showjumping competition. Unfortunately, we got our timing completely wrong and turned up just when the 95cm class was starting. We joined in and gave it a go but really hadn’t had long enough warming up and so whilst Henry jumped everything I pointed him at he did it from a standstill. We just couldn’t get a rythmic canter going and as everyone knows, a rythmic canter is the secret (one of them anyway) of great jumping.

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