Our first visitors from..

..overseas came today and we had a great time hacking out for two and a half hours and finished off with a picnic in the back paddock. Once again it was great fun to take some holiday makers on a tour of our lovely countryside and show it off. After the torrential rain yesterday we were somewhat worried that the weather would mean that the hack got cancelled (when on holiday there is no point in getting cold and wet) but happily we woke to find a glorious sunny morning.

After a quick assessment of the riders we put on our dayglo stuff and set off for a ride to Muckhart Mill and then round through Leys farm before returning over Bella Blunt and home via the canter hill.

We came across three herds of cows, but undaunted marched through the first herd of inquisitive bullocks and their mothers. This was probably the hardest group to get past as they really wanted to play with the horses. The next herd were busy lying down and refused to even get up to see us and the last herd was in a different field with the gate onto Bella Blunt left open. Not really the herds of wild beasts we were worried about.

So if you are reading this Meg or Anne, we really hope that you had a nice time and that you have some lovely memories of Scotland to take home with you.

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