It’s easy to find now..

..the summer schedule that is.

I have put a whole new page on the website just for the summer schedule. Click here and you will be taken by the magic of hyperlinks to our website schedule page. You can also open a printable version but remember to save trees and print duplex.

In addition I have added a blogroll link to this blog to take you directly to the summer schedule as well.

You now have no excuse not to know what is happening this summer at Over Dalkeith Stables.

The vet came to visit again today to check up on Bonnie and Kelsie. Bonnie and Kelsie are progressing well but still need to stay in off the grass. Lessons were a bit wet today as the rain is here. Check out the extra blogroll link to my favourite weather website though to find out what the future holds (weather wise that is). I find this one very accurate up to about three days out and reasonably accurate after that.

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