Pony Club camp..

..is here and brought the weather with it. Wow, it was hot, hot , hot today and we had eight Pony Clubbers arrive at 9am and spend all day until 4pm with us. We started by getting to know each other with introductions all around. Then we got all the broing things out of the way, camp rules (not many but essential). After that we selected our ponies and went off and caught them, groomed them and gave them hay nets (not in that order).

Hamish gave us all a lesson in putting quarter marks on our ponies, we had our juice and cakes and then we went out for the first ride. We started in the field and trotted individually and then in pairs (side by side not one after the other). We then went into the arena and started on the flatwork proper.

After riding around concentrating on our position we took our feet out of stirrups and practiced sturrupless walking and trotting. We then had a competition to see who could do the bravest scariest stirrupless riding possibly. We had trotting and cantering with stirrups, Hamish did half scissors in trot, but Cordelia rode side saddle without her stirrups and went up and down the mound.

Ru fell off three times and currently holds the falling off record. I’m not sure this is a competition that anyone else wants to take part of.

We then sorted our ponies out and went for lunch where we covered details about dressage arena for our first achievment badge. Lunch was under a tree on a blanket to keep in the shade.

After lunch we tacked up again and then went put and practiced our jumping working through grids in a straight line and on a bend. We even jumped with no reins.

After all that hard work we went for a final trot and canter through the field before untacking our ponies and setting them fair. after that we went and cut (and ate) Charlottes birthday cake (caterpillar) and finally to really cool off we ran through the pony field and down to the river where we went paddling. Except for Hamish who threw himself into the river completely. He said it was just to cool down and it certainly did cool him down.

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