Day Three..

..and the stables are hotting up.

The weather is getting even hotter and the Pony Clubbers are getting even better. They all worked really hard today and rode for ages. Sustained only by juice and wonderful cakes (lots of cakes) all of which got eaten by children demanding thirds and fourths – never mind seconds.

Today we practiced our dressage test on foot and on horseback, we did some more jumping practice and then after lunch learnt about riding and road safety for our Achievement Badge. We practiced signalling and looking and steering and learnt what we had to wearand then had a practice ride on the roads in the yard, turning left and right and even dismounting and leading our ponies along the road. Everyone was brilliant and here’s a photo to prove it.


We finished the day not with the usual trip to the river but instead played tig on horse back and video’d it.

We have added more of todays photos into the photogallery and I have made them all downloadable so you can print off your favourite ones.

Tomorrow is Hamish’s birthday and the last day of camp with all the traditional last day of camp things. A showjumping competition, a games competition and a dressage test, oh and I almost forgot – a huge water fight!

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