If you go down to the woods..

..be careful because you might come across all of us on our picnic ride out. It was a great hack out, with Mollie taking a fast group, I took a group of boys who wanted to be the fast group and we had a group of lead rein-ers. We set off from the yard at about 11am and then met up again at a field outside Muckhart, where we had been kindly given permission to park our ponies and have the picnic. Katie and Madelaine (and Freya) brought all the picnics along in the car and we sat in the sunshine and ate our lunches before heading home.

Mollies crew set off at a fast pace intent on a speedy journey home. My boys wanted to race back and decided that they were speed cowboys. Bailey didn’t help after seeing all his field mates leaving him behind and then proceeded to bounce off down with the boys. I scared them all by reversing Bailey into them at full speed and stopping just before they got bumped into. Thankfully all the ponies knew Bailey would not hurt them so didn’t rush away from him.

When we got home we sorted out the horses and ponies and said farewell.

And then the pony birthday party started. It was awesome. Katie and the girls had 8 children for two hours. The Pony Princesses (and princes) versus the Wonderboys (and Wonder Women). Thankfully it was an over all draw and sport was the winner.

The girls wanted me to say a big thank you to Lucy’s mum for the tin of Quality Street. They are very very grateful and the chocolates have all gone.

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