Six riders riding..

..all day long at the Over Dalkeith Own a Pony Day today. It was action packed as well with everyone arriving at 8.30am and bringing their ponies in from the field. We then groomed our ponies and gave them haynets and water before starting the mucking out.

The six were split into two team and the teams took a stable each and we had a competition to see which team could muck out the best. There was a big bar of chocolate for the winning team…

..and a big bar of chocolate for the runners up.

We then had a snack and juice and then got tacked up for our huge hack.

Here’s a picture of us heading out..


and then us part way around..


and finally us heading home after about two hours of riding..


We had pizza and chips for lunch and then tacked up again had our competition with a riding prize a team price for a games competition (mares against geldings) and then two different showjumping competitions.

Finally after all that we had prize giving.

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