Have aliens abducted..

..all the swallows. True it is that time of year for them to head off to Africa, but usually I see them hanging around on the telegraph wires before they fly off together and I just cannot remember seeing that this year. It seems one day they were all flying around and then the next they had all gone. Well hopefully they will all come back next year.

On the positive side, now the birds have gone the tuck shop is coming back so keep an eye on the upstairs office for the return of the fizz bombs etc.

Tonight is Pony Club night again and we are running the first of this years Dressage leagues. Scores will be on the website as soon as possible after tonight. In case you haven’t noticed the results of the Showjumping league and games league are on the website.

Last week we had fab weather and it seemed everyone wanted to hack out. On Thursday I had five hours of hacking out. I also had my new head camera and tried to make a video of the hack. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to organise the angle of the camera and created a great video of blue skies!

I will try again soon.

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