Yesterday was.. day. First we had a man coming to celebrate his 50th birthday with a two hour hack on Merlyn. We went to Muckhart Mill, admired the horse and met a lady whose granny had lived at the mill and she used to walk across from Devonshaw to get her milk.

Then we had Neve’s birthday party with four of her friends. We played pony club games and everyone won a rosette.

And finally we had one of Freya’s school friends for her birthday ride and we went on a hack through the front paddock, and then up into the rabbit field. The plan is to extend our mini cross country course in to this field and place three or four jumps in the field. After the corner on the embankment we would jump a ski jump into the field and then around the field with a series of other obstacles.

And today has been a very busy day with three adult individual lessons before 2pm. We had a lunge lesson at 9.30 and kelsie was fabulous on the lunge. Then she turned her heels to some leg yielding in the next lesson and then Henry came in to do a canter lesson.

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