..today (Sunday) as the temperature has stayed above freezing all day (and even now at 10pm is above freezing). This was great because it made the day much easier with the water troughs not needing to be defrozen and the tap and hosepipe running free. Being a sunday we had no lessons on today and as the outdoor arena is still covered in snow we didn’t have many riders out in force so the yard was quiet. Bobin, Mollie, Rhona and Kirstie went sledging this afternoon in the river field and Ceri-ann was down keeping George’s joints moving but that was the sum total of yard activity. Katie and I had a relaxing morning and didn’t start mucking out until 11am and finished by about 2pm. There really isn’t alot else to say. Hopefully the warmer weather will stay with us and the fields will appear again and the arena will resurface. Then I have to get busy schooling Harley and Bailey, Scottie will be ready for his physiotherapy next week as will Henry and so we will begin their programme of walking out as well.

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