Still no freezing but..

..the ice is here, we can’t drive the car up the road and now it’s started snowing. Not big flakes but there is no sign of it stopping. Arghhh!!!

So yesterday was pony club and we did an achievment badge, bandaging and rugging, revision for some people (but they needed it). It was funny how they all remembered the horror stories of what happens if you bandage a horse too tightly or for too long, but couldn’t really remember the different reasons why we bandage horses.

Lessons yesterday were quite busy, I had three adult lessons in the day and then the two after school lessons had everyone. The first lesson practiced direct trot transitions and a little bit of rein back to get their ponies working from behind. Some ponies were more natural at it than others (Diamond was very willing, Lucy didn’t want to go backwards). The second lesson practiced stirrupless trotting and then we went bareback and tried trotting with no saddle. I was impressed with how well everyone did.

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