Scottie had his..

..first walk out in hand today. After a long recuperation and box rest since the 18th October it is now time to begin strengthening his leg and putting it to some use. Of course it is only about five minutes walking around the indoor school on both reins but it was quite enough for him. He was absolutely agog at everything going on. Tessa the dog watching him, Heidi poking her head over the school wall. For the rest of the week he is going to get 5 minutes walking in hand. Nothing strenuous but enough for us for the moment.

Kirsty and Robyn took their ponies into the outdoor school this afternoon and I see that they even managed to put a jump up and play over it. The snow out there is much reduced and really only patchy. Clearly what there is is rideable on. That’s great news for lessons as we will be able to stretch our wings (and legs) next week. After the serious work done since Christmas in the indoor school I’m not sure whether the poonies or riders will be more excited about the chance to move around in a bigger space.

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