So long and thanks from all the..

..ponies. Today was Kessa’s last day on the yard as she heads off for England tomorrow. Last week the girls had a farewell party and tonight they are all going to the Teenagers Ball but today at lunch time they had a celebration games competition. Mollie, Bobyn and Rhona were on one team (riding, Snoops, Muffin and Misty) and Ellie, Kirsty and Kessa were on the other (riding Hollie, Tess and Kimmie). Kimmie was amazing with Kessa on her and actually cantered away from all the other horses. Kessa even managed a vault onto her. Sadly though Kimmie was also keen on trying to double barrel every horse that got near her so handovers were quite challenging.

It has been fantastic having Kessa on the yard and she will be missed but I know that we will all be kept up to date with everything she is doing and Mollie and Ellie have already bought their train tickets to go down there in the Feb holiday.

Back to other more mundane things. It seems that I am getting quite good at fencing. THe fence lines I put up on Thursday and Friday have worked to keep the ponies in their field. I now only have to fix one more fence line and we will be able to turn Tisky and Misty out. Which is just as well because I need the pony pens to become horse pens as we are already running out of stables and have at least one and possibly three more horses coming onto the yard next week. One was vetted on Wednesday and passed and the other two are being vetted on Monday. I’ll let you know how the vettings go. I am really going to have to get the pony and horse pages updated. I still haven’t got a page for Misty, Harley or Tess yet.

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