Four seasons in.. day today. With glorious sunshine when Garry and I took Willow and Remy out for a hack and gallop. The horses seemed to really love it athough Remy was a bit spooky at times. I think it must be the grass coming through and him having alot of sugar in his bloodstream.

Then we had snow in the afternoon when I was teaching the boys from Primary School Support. There was a snowstorm and the snow settled for about 10 minutes. Lewis joined us again from PSSS and it was nice to see him again and to see that he hadn’t forgotten the riding. Everyone thinks we should put Calvin on Bobby too help him stay focussed (Calvin not Bobby). There was also a hailstorm when I was bringing the ponies in.

Of course it rained, during the 4.30 lesson, but we were at least under cover.

We did jumping in the lessons tonight and then had unmounted polocrosse practice where we practiced passing and catching at run and then played Tennis. The other team (not mine) won 5 games to 1. We had the moral victory though. Not sure why but we did.

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