Mollie heads off..

..for Manchester with Katie today after a very fast mucking out. She has her audition tomorrow so all our fingers and toes are crossed. I dropped them off at the station and then came home to teach Catherine and Daniel. Fortunately for me they had moved their lesson from 6.30 to the afternoon so I had two hours between lessons to get dinner for Bash, Ru and Freya. We had curry with nan bread. THe nan bread was a huge success, all the more so because everyone thought I was going to forget it.

Tomorrow I will be doing all the mucking out myself. Its not a big deal ‘cos I have done it before but I also have to take the trailer to the recycling site in Kinross to empty it of bags of rubbish so we can wash it out tomorrow and so it will be ready for Sunday. Polocrosse at Gleneagles at 5.30.

And of course everyone needs to start planning to come to the Scottish Polocrosse Ball in Kinross on 28th April. I am intending to set up a facebook page all about Scottish Polocrosse shortly.

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