A busy day in which..

..Mollie has her opening night,

Tiger gets a haircut,

a new horse, Reba, arrives,

and Jasmine behaves like an angel with the farrier.

So the lyceum youth theatres, Victim, Sidekick, Boyfriend, Mee starts tonight at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. Robyn went tonight so she can tell us all about it. We are al going tomorrow night. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

And Tiger has been struggling with her coat getting all matted with her puppy hair growing out and the mud we have been having and so she went off to the doggy hair dressers today and came back looking like this..


She is really happy though with the freedom that not having all that hair gives her. Fortunately she has a lovely pink equifleece top to keep her warm.

Reba arrived this afternoon just after the farrier had left. She is 16.1 and lovely to handle. I’ll get a photo of her tomrrow after I have ridden her. She used to live with Jess and Jess heard her wickering and wickered back which was sweet. But, although Mary doesn’t believe me, what was even nicer was Mary went to the back gate to the pony field to see Jess and give her a pat and as Mary walked up the steps and Jess saw her she wickered for Mary, obviously remembering her. I wouldn’t mind but I almost always bring her in and she never wickers for me.

And so to the biggest surprise of the day. Gary Hood, our farrier, was around this afternoon and amongst other Jasmine had lost a shoe. Now ast time she needed shod we had the vets out to jag her with sedative ‘cos she was so naughty without it. I had meant to drive to the vets and get the topical sedative but ran out of time and so I suggested to Gary that he comes back net week and I organise something then. Gary said he would have a go at the mare’s foot and before I knew it Jasmine was standing like an angel and had her missing shoe replaced.

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