On days like today, mine’s the…

..best job in the world. Sunshine on my face for the last two days means my builders tan is coming back, long days and the heat mean the fields are drying up and the grass coming through means the horses and ponies are starting to get excitable.

Now the easter hols are fast approaching and we have an action packed schedule. The arena refurbishment is about to begin and we had a massive dumper truck and digger arrive tonight. Mind you because of the fabulous weather we think we are going to run the ghymkhana on grass. Many of our young riders haven’t had much opportunity to work on grass before and so we are going to make the most of the good weather. In anticipation of this we ran Pony club in the fields. It was games league this week and so Katie went and bought 15 broom handles and I flattened an area of the pony field using the tyres of a 4×4 (thank you garry) and then we set up three full sets of games lanes.



It was great fun and I liked it so much I’m even thinking of setting up a permanent grass arena.

Here are some action shots of tonight.




And we will do more games at the April Fools Gymkhana on Sunday as well as showjumping. There are still some ponies available for anyone that wants to try their hand at games or jumping in the fields. On Saturday we will fence off an arena and fill it with showjumps from the arena.

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