And on the first day of summer…

..It rained and rained and rained.


Rainbow flying high

On the plus side we had a beautiful rainbow landing in the horse field and the ducks had a great time and the pond filled up.  The ponies that were ridden in the 5.30 lesson didn’t complain either because we kept them in for the night in the pens and winning and benjie came in to a stable for the night.

But the arena is somewhat waterlogged at the top end and I’m not sure if it will be dry for pony club tomorrow night.  We will have to see.

So other news today. The farrier came and put shoes on the polocrosse ponies as they had pulled them off at Alnwick last weekend. We also had shoes put on Milo and Barry as they were both feeling the road. Mountain is still unshod because his feet are pretty good as his last owner worked on keeping him shoeless. He may of course need shoes if his work rate goes up. Ru was back at school today and so didn’t get a chance to ride him. I am still waiting for Barry’s back to be less scabby before I ride him again but I did take Whitty into the pony field and practiced pickups on grass.

The evening lessons were great with a new improved and bigger 4.30 lesson as two of the Friday 4.30 class have joined it which puts the class up to 5. The 5.30 lesson were.working more on canter but it struck me how.much they have come along. I can remember not.long ago how difficult they found the walk trot transition and now they are just flying into trot. It won’t be long before we see the same change in their trot canter transition too I’m sure

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