After torrential rain..

..The weather has brightened and got a bit warmer.  The docks in the pony field are dying back quite effectively but you can now see the patches that I missed so it will be back to the knapsack sprayer tomorrow if it’s dry and go back to the field.  After that it’s seamab field and the cradle field that needs sorting out.

Thursday lessons went well with the 4.30 lesson really getting to grips with cantering.  We are now working on consolidating control whilst cantering by working on quick transitions into different leading legs.  This means that the riders need to control the canter so they can quickly get back down to trot and then back up to canter again whilst changing rein.  Diamond of course insisted on putting flying changes in which kind of defeated the object of the exercise.

I only had two riders in my 5.30 lesson because of last minute cancellations.  So we worked on alot of sitting stirrupless trot to improve balance and it really did improve the riders canter.

And for my third lesson of the night we went for a hack which was great fun and of course involved cantering up the canter hill.

And we have had Reba shod and Kara is back riding her again and so I took a quick photo of her…

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