More hot weather means..

..we must have moved to the south of France.  Actually we don’t need to when the weather is like this because it’s beautiful here in the sun.

The horses got let around the arena and had a great time eating loads of grass and we made a half a polocrosse pitch in the cradle field and marked it out with our new line marker.  We then trained on Wednesday evening in it and yesterday afternoon because it was a lovely day and quiet we just all got ponies and went and played some more.  Garry came over and we had Lesley visiting us again.


Action shot of a much disputed goal...

I.even got to ride and join in and Whitty got very excited..


Hi Ho Whitty away.

So we woke to another lovely day and we have spent the morning loading the lorry to head down south.  It’s still our old lorry and not the new blue one we are looking to get so hamish me and ru will be sleeping in the back and hoping it doesn’t rain.

Famous last words of course. We drove down to find the motorway was shut causing massive tailbacks and delaying us about 3 hours. We had been told that by 6pm at Arden there would be torrential rain and the delay meant we could be driving into a field and unloading in that rain. Argh. Fortune smiled on us though and as we got closer to our final destination there was no more sign of rain and we arrived to a very fine drizzle. We got pens set up and the horses rugged and fed and watered in the light and then set up our camp in the back of the lorry. It’s quite homely really.

And then at about 3am I was woken by the torrential rain on the roof of the lorry and lightening and thunder. Fortunately the rain didn’t come into the lorry as it was vertical rain. The horses were happy in their massive pen with loafs of grass and their rugs and this morning it’s back to a light drizzle but the ground has coped with the water really well so training for Ru should be great.

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