A successful weekend in..

..England for me and Ru.  We set off on Friday morning with Indie and Fly in the lorry and Hamish with us but very quickly got a call from Chris at Arden to say the training Hamish was joining was postponed because of the forecast for torrential rain.

So we detoured and dropped Hamish back at home.  Ru was attending the selection weekend for the UK under 16 polocrosse team and that selection was still happening despite the weather.

Anyway we didn’t know that a tanker had caught fire on the M74 and the motorway was closed.  Obviously we found out about 30 miles from home when we got stuck in a massive traffic tailback.  It took us about 3 hours to get to Gretna.

We eventually arrived at our destination  at about 8pm and set up the pens for the ponies and set up the back of the lorry for our living.  The grass was massive and the horses loved it. And we went to bed without it raining but I was woken up at about 3am with thunder and lightning.

Anyway by Saturday morning the sun was out and the horses enjoying each others company..


..training progressed and Ru was selected to play under 16s polocrosse for Britain against Zambia in August.

Meanwhile back on the yard Mollie and Katie and Robyn were keeping the ship going and making sure everyone had a fun time and no one was hurt.

Sunday came around and we had a nice clear journey home arriving back at the yard at midnight and turned Fly and Indie out before hitting the sack.

And today was a quiet day recovering from the travelling repairing a fence that Remy broke and getting to grips with selecting the Scottish polocrosse pony club team.

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