Waterloo at Pony Club..

..tonight was a big success.  We have had some really dry days so we cleared out all the jumps and played Waterloo across the whole arena.  For those of you that haven’t ever played Waterloo it’s a bit like capture the flag on horseback and involves galloping really fast in teams of three and often charging at your opposition team playing a form of horseback chicken.  I am thinking of creating a Facebook page for the sport.

Waterloo is always very popular and tonight was no exception with 4 junior teams and 6 senior teams.

Hamish borrowed a pair if clippers tonight and hogged my horses mane so Whitty now looks truly scary.  It also means that Whits does now know that the polocrosse season has started properly…


..and I’m not too sure he is happy about that. But he loved playing Waterloo. All I kept seeing him do was suddenly.spot a horse near him and “bang” he rode them off and the poor rider on the other horse didn’t really know what had hit them. Not too bad a ploy when you are defending and having to tig people but not great when you are attacking and needing to avoid being tug.

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