The summer holidays..

..are almost here and the weather appears to be picking up.  Mollie and Robyn were teaching at the weekend and Beki was running the yard whilst the rest of us went to Rugby to play polocrosse.

It was also the Highland Show and so we had a much reduced number of teaching assistants and yard grooms on Saturday (I think it was 8 in total) but they all worked really hard and ran a really tight ship.  Mollie said it was one of the best weekends for efficency.  Well done to everyone that was on the yard on Saturday.

We had a few riders from the stables at the Highland show and congratulations to them wherever they came. David started lessons specifically so he could get his canter in time for the Highland Show as he was entered on his Auntie’s Welshy. And he did really well.

Tonight was team games at Pony Club and we had some good races..


..and we even had Whitty trying his hand at it..


But moving away from the horses for a minute…

Our chickens are lovely but are trying to take over the world. At first they moved into the yard and then we kept finding them in our house and once we found a stow away in the lorry (before we left thabkfully). But now they are trying to work out how to use the car to drive off site..


"Where do we put the key"

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