Things are hotting up polocrosse..

..wise at the stables with the season well underway, the world cup starting in South Africa and we are starting to get ready for the quad nations pony club challenge.  All the Scottish team are getting their player profiles and headshots in for the programme and katie and I have been finding action shots of our players for the programme.   We found some photos from 2011 when our big bold riders were little more than minis.

Saturday was fairly busy, although i didnt really see much of it as I the seamab field with a group of helpers ridding it of ragwort.  We had sprayed the docs and now we have pulled the ragwort and then we let the horses in to eat the rich grass that has been growing. Sunday was a very quiet day on the yard with no lessons until polocrosse at 3.30 and 5pm.  The minis trained in the arena whilst the second group went out into the field and we practiced some new defensive moves and then practiced passing over the line and wheels to the goal.  Ru rode Barry as well and after 40 minutes had Barry happy with the raquet and the ball and was doing pick ups in trot and bounces..


Look, brave barry


And that's the ball picked up

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