Special delivery..

..last week of arena surface..


..and as it was team showjumping at pony club last night we built the course around the pile of surface.  The lovely dry weather has really helped with the arena surface and we were able to use the whole of the arena for the jumping course so it was a big galloping course.  Having the full arena though did bring it home to us that we are probably going to have to get some more jumps soon and definately some more jump cups.  I don’t know where they go but they definately dissappear.

So this morning Harry came down with his bucket on the front of his tractor and spread the surface. We targeted the dips and the dark spots where the surface retains the water.  After filling the dips he then drove over them and used the bucket to pack them down do the arena is completely flat at the bottom end.  It looks great and we have already had a lesson in it and the dips appear to have gone.  Fingers crossed.  There is another two loads of surface due to arrive this week and lucky for Harry but not for us he is on holiday so we will be spreading it by hand when it arrives.  That will keep us all busy next week.

So today I made rosettes for some of our activities next week.  Monday is a scratch one day event and hopefully we will have some photos of.it to.post on the blog.

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