Polocrosse boot camp..

..has got us geared up for the Polocrosse Home International.  The weather wasn’t as great as last year and there was no swimming in the river in the evenings.  The older riders got into the field on the Thursday and played chukkas.  The littlies played chukkas.in the outdoor arena on Thursday.  This was all done because Friday was forecast to be dreadful weather and it didn’t let us down.  It poured down all Thursday might and in the end even the outdoor arena was flooded.  So much so that we would have had to have played waterpolocrosse…


..there was so much rain that the arena was still a bit soggy on Saturday.

The wind was awful on saturday too and so we had all the morning lessons in the indoor school and we didn’t ride outside until the 4pm lesson.

This was great timing though because it allowed me to drive the lorry into the indoor school and get the water tank refilled and the horse area scrubbed out and cleaned ready for its next trip on Tuesday. Whilst I fille the water tank I have to thank Megan, Olivia, Emma, Phoebe and Corenza for washing out the horse area. They did a fantastic job and it’s back to looking like new.

So this week we have a three day mini camp to look forward to with 11 riders coming and Mollie and Robyn teaching the two riding groups. That should be great fun with lots of children that have never been to a camp before coming for the first time.

And of course we are taking our teams down to the Pony Club Home International and have been busy getting everything ready. There is still plenty to do but at least Benjie has had his haircut…



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