Gravity 1..Olivia nil..

Whilst we were training this afternoon on the full pitch.  It was the numbers game in pairs using the 30 yard line.  Four players went out at maximum speed chasing the ball and only three came back with whitty tanking it off around the field to the exit.  Fortunately both he was caught and livs managed to stand up and walk off the pitch.  Apparently she leant to far missed the pick up and checked up but when you check up with whits he bounces and he bounced her right out of the saddle.

The rest if the afternoon training session went well with us running through some pick up practice and scoring practice..


..which Ru won with the sharpest angle shots imaginable.

And then we played training chukkas and our juniors played hard against the open section.  The open section practiced their secret tactics 50% of which worked.

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