Apologies to the rest of the camp..

..at the Pony Club Polocrosse Home International.  Today is Hamish’s 18th birthday and this would traditionally be celebrated with a bottle of champagne tonight.  However as he and the rest of the Scottish polocrosse team are playing England tomorrow at 10am there is going to be an early night tonight.  So instead we started singing happy birthday at midnight and celebrated his 18th before he went to bed.  And that was why the camp was probably kept awake until 3 in the morning with the sound of singing and partying.  Sorry but rest assured it won’t be happening tonight but for any of you who missed it, here is a quick photo of the celebrations…


Because tomorrow is the start of what is expected to be a fantastic tournament.  Scotland play England at 10am and Wales play Northern Ireland at 11am and then Scotland play Northern Ireland at 4pm.  I will hopefully post chukka by chukka updates tomorrow of the score on Scottish Polocrosse facebook page signal and battery life permitting.

Anyway today has been a play day.  Scotland mini took on the English minis at Lazer Tag.  And then the juniors and open did the same but we were against the English and Welsh.  I am not going to publish who won but I will just say that in both cases we are hoping it’s a good omen for tomorrow.

So tonight we have got our playing shirts, we have walked our horses and we are about to clean our tack. Here we go…..


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