What a busy time..

..we have had.  We have hardly been at home.  We owe Mollie Robyn and Beki a big thank you for keeping the horses and yard running whilst we have been away in England.

The last blog post celebrated Hamish’s birthday at the pony club polocrosse home International at the Celyn grounds.  Well things got very exciting there.

Our minis came fourth and got very valuable experience playing against other teams.  Something they have lacked.  They had a great time and were a credit to their team mates.

Our juniors lost their first game to England and then went on to beat Ireland and Wales.  We were sitting biting our nails whilst England played Wales because we could have won on goal difference if Wales beat England.  Sadly for us, but get news for the English supporters, England beat Wales to take the junior trophy and we were runners up.

Our seniors played their hearts out against England to win and then had a tough match against Wales leaving them Ireland to beat for the open trophy.  Again the game was not to go our way and the open team lost to Ireland and took the runners up slot in the open competition.

This was however a huge success for us as five years ago, no one played polocrosse in Scotland a D now we have a national pony club team that can hold its head high.

So after that we rushed back home to arrive in the very early hours of monday morning and senior camp kicked off at 10am that day.  Senior camp was residential as usual and had 18 riders.

The week flew by and camp finished on the Friday with the usual dressage competition and show jumping competition. This year we had three classes but still only two trophies which were handed our on the Friday. The open trophy was once again won by Boysey and his rider!


Living handing the trophy she won last year over to Jen


The whole camp

So we had a normal teaching day on Saturday and then we were up early is on sunday and driving back down south again whilst Mollie and Beki and Robyn stayed behind to teach junior camp.

Ruaridh had his team gb debut playing for the under 16s against Zambia.and before that a week long camp. At the same time I was teaching for three days at the camp and hamish was a member of the camp. The weather in England was glorious but a little less so back at home.


Look at that cracking tan.

The Zambians beat the UK but the experience was great and ru even came away with a new stock saddle. The Zambians riders sold off their saddles before they went home.

So after midland camp we headed home but with a little detour as we had kindly been offere a field for our horses to stay in. Hamish stayed with them and it saved them a 750 mile round trip. After driving home for a week of teaching lessons but no activities we once again got in our new lorry and headed back to England for the Welsh Dragons tournament.

Mollie was entered into the tournament with garry and I so we had special shirts made up with Beauties and the Beast on the back but unfortunately the organisers had to split us up and Mollie played with Ledbury. She didn’t mind as she got best number 2! As did Benjie jockey, Rob.

So back home for school to begin and everything to get back to normalish. Normally we have Pony Club Champs to look forward to but this year it had been pushed back into term time and that meant we couldn’t really get the teams out that we wanted to and sadly we had to miss it this year. It sounded like it was a huge success though with the irish team winning the Malden trophy.

So now we are just getting ready to head out down to rugby for the ukpa nationals, the second las tournament o the season….

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